BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backport/4640/distro/collabora/co-21-11Fix 'Insert Comment' invoked by keyboard shortcut (fixes #4109)Andras Timar3 weeks
distro/collabora/co-21-11Bump package version to Timar8 hours
distro/collabora/co-21-11-3Bump package version to Timar6 weeks
distro/collabora/co-6-4Bump package versiont to 6.4.25-2 (rpm only)Andras Timar10 days
feature/deltas-expandeddeltas: force rendering of a keyframe for an empty slot in the TileCache.Michael Meeks6 days
fix-readmeREADME: correct URL to build machineWilliam Gathoye3 weeks
ipad_edit_buttonImprove edit button visibility when infobar, snackbar is presentPedro Pinto Silva7 weeks
make-name-description-jsdialogsExpose object name and description dialogsNickWingate5 days
masterRemove unused divOverlay parts.Gökay Şatır3 hours
quikee/masteradd insertsparkline colibre iconandreas kainz5 weeks
cp-21.11.4-3online-cp-21.11.4-3.tar.gz  Andras Timar8 hours
cp-6.4.25-2online-cp-6.4.25-2.tar.gz  Andras Timar10 days
cp-6.4.25-1online-cp-6.4.25-1.tar.gz  Andras Timar12 days
cp-21.11.4-2online-cp-21.11.4-2.tar.gz  Andras Timar2 weeks
cp-21.11.4-1online-cp-21.11.4-1.tar.gz  Andras Timar4 weeks
cp-6.4.24-1online-cp-6.4.24-1.tar.gz  Andras Timar6 weeks
cp-21.11.3-6online-cp-21.11.3-6.tar.gz  Andras Timar6 weeks
cp-22.05.0-1online-cp-22.05.0-1.tar.gz  Andras Timar6 weeks
cp-21.11.3-5online-cp-21.11.3-5.tar.gz  Andras Timar6 weeks
cp-21.11.3-4online-cp-21.11.3-4.tar.gz  Andras Timar7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 hoursRemove unused divOverlay parts.HEADmasterGökay Şatır2-122/+0
3 hoursRemove unused boxzoom related parts.Gökay Şatır3-104/+1
11 hourscolibre-dark iconsandreas kainz534-0/+724
3 dayscontentcontrol: expose checkbox unocommmandRash4195-5/+22
3 daysintroduce content control in onlineRash4198-0/+142
3 daysw2ui-scroll use var colorsandreas kainz1-0/+6
3 daysjquery-ui-lightness/ui-icons_ for dark modeandreas kainz1-3/+7
3 daysframed.doc.html: fix: cannot change UI viewRash4191-3/+1
4 daysCI: codeql-analysis: work with core co-22.05 assetsMiklos Vajna2-4/+4
4 daysinfobar: enable info bar handler to check ...Henry Castro1-3/+8