Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Szymon Kłos 1981e02335 jsdialogs: add id to the combobox 1 day ago
  Miklos Vajna 703eb28a97 Convert "uno command" tests to a new-style one 1 day ago
  Ashod Nakashian 4f15d1bd19 wsd: SIGTERM signals clean shutdown now 1 day ago
  Ashod Nakashian 1ae9ce8ad2 test: thread-safe common shared test data 1 day ago
  Henry Castro 0d734b2aae loleaflet: avoid using $.data jquery function 2 days ago
  Henry Castro acb4f87bd4 loleaflet: defer request preview thumbnail task 2 days ago
  Henry Castro 2644c113c2 mCustomScrollbar: add event listener to pointer or touch events 3 days ago
  Henry Castro 59d3c2d20d mCustomScrollbar: remove unnecessary access to Window top property 3 days ago
  Henry Castro cb7813ef35 mCustomScrollbar: reduce the number of _coordinates function calls 4 days ago
  Michael Meeks 1ab617a3a2 Remove unused _keyHandled 3 days ago
  Michael Meeks 2d52ddcb60 avoid spamming the JS console with load state messages. 3 days ago
  Michael Meeks 98617e40e2 Enable protocol debugging by default in debug mode. 3 days ago
  Michael Meeks 946cc5d8e6 Rename misleading ClipboardContainer -> TextInput 3 days ago
  Henry Castro 3e2ec0854d loleaflet: add missing parameters when early websocket connection 6 days ago
  Henry Castro d93d9dc59b loleaflet: fix the dragging limits of the dialog box 3 months ago
  Pranam Lashkari e95413d151 killpoco: removed StringTokenizer from common directory 6 days ago
  Pedro Pinto Silva 1ed89ae220 mobileWizard: improve focus/active states in all unobuttons using new class and properties 4 days ago
  Pedro Pinto Silva 6ca05878f3 mobileWizard: style unobutton when selected 4 days ago
  Jan Holesovsky 865c10cfd5 Make Ctrl+f jumping to the search again. 4 months ago
  merttumer 92f5d74073 Make pressing Ctrl+F twice behave like Desktop 5 months ago
  Jan Holesovsky 8f86b7e7e7 Take the name of .uno:MasterSlidesPanel directly from the core. 5 days ago
  Szymon Kłos f96461558d jsdialog: add uno listener for checkboxes 5 days ago
  Pedro Pinto Silva 31c5769abd mobile: Toolbar-search: remove .over class that sometimes would appear when using firefox 5 days ago
  Szymon Kłos 6104b20d2b jsdialogs: remove debug printout 5 days ago
  Szymon Kłos 51cdf48138 jsdialog: add uno listener for uno toolitems 5 days ago
  Szymon Kłos 52aab52dd3 jsdialog: add uno listener for spinfields 5 days ago
  Pedro Pinto Silva 3319d8334f MobileWizard: spinfields: units: replace 'degree' with its respective sign 5 days ago
  Jan Holesovsky cd81d78ccc Add a 'how to debug' to the whitebox unit tests. 5 days ago
  Pedro Pinto Silva 80f7985e03 Mobile: Impress: add visual cue when editing slide master 5 days ago
  Miklos Vajna ee61bc6fb8 Convert "client session" tests to a new-style one 5 days ago