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  Marco A.G.Pinto 4fb010374f Updated the English dictionaries: GB+US+CA+AU 3 weeks ago
  Mattia Rizzolo 41c5fc0693 tdf#128341 use python3 3 weeks ago
  Mattia Rizzolo c15c2a8889 flake8 fixes to the dictionary-to-thesaurus script 3 weeks ago
  Ricardo Palomares f46d0decbf Bring shipped Spanish dictionary up to version 2.5 3 weeks ago
  Stanislav Horacek e2f020e6e2 remove incorrect Czech word 2 months ago
  Andras Timar 358cce8e62 Updated Slovenian thesaurus 3 months ago
  Andras Timar 86b4b5bfbf tdf#118570 update the da_DK dictionary 4 months ago
  wishawa e122922802 Remove abbreviations from Thai hunspell dictionary. 5 months ago
  Marco A.G.Pinto 547d7a6839 Updated the English dictionaries: GB 6 months ago
  Julien Nabet 23120b6ade Fix logo management for "ca" 6 months ago
  wishawa 661e18650e Update Thai dictionary: corrections, UTF-8, and over ten thousand more words. 6 months ago
  Milutin Smiljanic 5fe575dbcf No-rule based Serbian dictionary replaced with rule based dictionary 7 months ago
  Lior Kaplan 10e0418ad6 tdf#117389 Make sure all comments also ends with # 10 months ago
  Lior Kaplan 3db9bd9d2b tdf#117389 Remove empty line, update total number 10 months ago
  Kris van der Merwe 9ca0a9fcb2 substantive rework of af_ZA hunspell 8 months ago
  Lior Kaplan a9c6444537 Replace : with # in comments lines 10 months ago
  Lior Kaplan c5a06ed0bf tdf#117389 Remove RLM/LRM from Arabic dictionary 10 months ago
  Ricardo Palomares 6811c96b9d Bring shipped Spanish dictionary up to version 2.4 10 months ago
  Martin Srebotnjak f2b8065791 Updated Slovenian thesaurus 10 months ago
  Denis Arnaud aff69d5578 Updated Breton spelling dictionary to version 0.16 10 months ago
  Adolfo Jayme Barrientos fea4ea689c tdf#99826 Update Galician dictionaries to version 18.07 11 months ago
  sabri unal 37f536403a Related: tdf#121610 Do dictionary option titles Title Case 11 months ago
  Stanislav Horacek 86921a78c4 update readme for Czech dictionaries 1 year ago
  Andras Timar 12a05722b1 typo: Typographica -> Typographical 1 year ago
  Marco A.G.Pinto 605e1d1441 Updated the English dictionaries: GB+AU+CA+US+Extension logo 1 year ago
  Andras Timar 5b81821a17 bump Norwegian linguistic components to ver 2.2 1 year ago
  Muhammet Kara 9ec31e4d14 Migrate the Turkish dictionary to hunspell-tr 1 year ago
  Olivier R f72d665c06 French dictionary update (v6.3) 1 year ago
  Muhammet Kara 00a2316c64 Add Turkish (tr_TR) hunspell dictionary 1 year ago
  Ali Ahmadi 43f9b34b3b add hyphenation metadata to id/description.xml and id/dictionaries.xcu 1 year ago