BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-1sw: WW8 import: filter control characters in GetFieldResult()Michael Stahl2 days
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-4tdf#135014 sw_redlinehide: fix missing frames when removing fieldmarkMichael Stahl2 days
distro/collabora/cp-6.2Revert "LOK: allow slide switching in mobile even if it is same slide"Tamás Zolnai27 hours
distro/collabora/cp-6.4NSApplication's appearance property exists in macOS 10.14 and later onlyTor Lillqvist3 hours
feature/cib_contract57ctdf#105330 sw: fix lost cursor on undoing nested table insertMiklos Vajna101 min.
libreoffice-7-0tdf#134605 DOCX export: fix unexpected loss of footer marginMiklos Vajna83 min.
libreoffice-7-1tdf#129180 Fix default paper size in the dropdownGabor Kelemen88 min.
libreoffice-7-1-0Revert "sw: DOCX export: don't export numPr to style from outline numrule"Justin Luth24 hours
mastertdf#138727 help browser didn't flow textCaolán McNamara85 min.
private/jmux/wasm-tmpcatchallJan-Marek Glogowski2 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  core-cp-6.4-20.tar.gz  Andras Timar8 days  core-co-6.4-20.tar.gz  Andras Timar9 days  core-libreoffice-  Christian Lohmaier13 days  core-cp-6.2-28.tar.gz  Andras Timar13 days  core-cib-6.1-22.tar.gz  Thorsten Behrens2 weeks  core-cp-6.4-19.tar.gz  Andras Timar3 weeks  core-co-6.2-27.tar.gz  Andras Timar5 weeks  core-cp-6.0-29-20201221.tar.gz  Andras Timar5 weeks  core-co-6.0-39.tar.gz  Andras Timar5 weeks  core-libreoffice-  Christian Lohmaier6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
85 min.tdf#138727 help browser didn't flow textHEADmasterCaolán McNamara2-4/+2
119 min.pocheck: don't require reference for stock labelsChristian Lohmaier1-2/+5
3 hourssw_fieldmarkhide: adjust SwPaM::HasReadonlySel() to the fact that...Michael Stahl1-3/+5
3 hourstdf#139941 wrong transparency in 3D objectNoel Grandin1-1/+1
3 hourstdf#138590 use the highlighted menu entry, not the combobox active textCaolán McNamara1-1/+9
4 hourstdf#138907 sw TitlePageDlg: Goto correct (inserted) pageJustin Luth3-21/+228
4 hourstdf#89244: sc: Add UItestXisco Fauli1-0/+31
4 hourstdf#96505 Get rid of cargo cult 'long' integer literalsAlchemist7-84/+84
4 hourstdf#115884 PDF signing should mention it only works with x509 certificatesVishwas2-2/+2
4 hourscid#1472566 silence Unintended sign extensionCaolán McNamara4-8/+8